My music is a direct result of many hours of practice and many heartbreaks, hard roads, good times, bad times. joys and sorrows. I try to convey that in each song but really I don’t think about it when I create my music. It just pours out of my soul into my hands onto the strings and out of my guitar. It’s a true labor of love. I will continue this for as long as I am able and hopefully I have created something that will continue on until long after I'm gone. Thank you very much for listening. Started playing back in 1988 when guitar playing was king. Loved all the "Shred" players of that era, my Dad introduced me to the "Blues" and I gained an appreciation for the greats of that genre too. I have many influences and they have all shaped me as a player. love recording and studio work and creating my original music. Feb. 29th 2012 Sumthinfierce records and I released my debut cd and the response has been great! My second cd “Uprising” was released March 10th 2013 and continued to help me build an audience. My latest solo release is “Enharmonic Dissonance” and is some of my best work to date I feel. I Also have a vocal effort out now with some other talented musicians. The debut EP of “As The Crow Flies” Is out now and getting rave reviews. I am a Jet City Amplification, Fuchs audio technology, George L's Cables, Vengeance guitars, Rick Hanes Guitars, Walrus audio effects, Morley pedals, Von York strings, Killer guitar components and Sinister guitar picks endorser. Also use BBE and Digitech effects .

Original, Instrumental rock guitar music!